Mr. and Mrs. Obrycki!!

I have known Sonja and Brad for a while now. This is the 3rd family wedding for the bride's family that I have been invited to photograph and it's been such an honor every time. It's also been cool to witness the traditions and differences between each sister's wedding. For example, the mother-of-the-bride has always created the floral arrangements for the events and all of the weddings have been a small, intimate group of guests. Yet, each couple has always made it a point to bring out their personal style as well.  Sonja and Brad were married at the Minnesota Boat Club, right on the river of downtown St. Paul. It was a beautiful fall day and the party was the perfect mix of elegance and fun! ObryckiBlog0001 ObryckiBlog0002 ObryckiBlog0003 ObryckiBlog0004 ObryckiBlog0005 ObryckiBlog0006 ObryckiBlog0008 ObryckiBlog0009 ObryckiBlog0010 ObryckiBlog0011 ObryckiBlog0012 ObryckiBlog0013 ObryckiBlog0014 ObryckiBlog0015 ObryckiBlog0016 ObryckiBlog0017 ObryckiBlog0018 ObryckiBlog0019 ObryckiBlog0020 ObryckiBlog0021 ObryckiBlog0022 ObryckiBlog0023 ObryckiBlog0024 ObryckiBlog0025 ObryckiBlog0026 ObryckiBlog0027 ObryckiBlog0028 ObryckiBlog0029 ObryckiBlog0030 ObryckiBlog0031

Congratulations to Sonja and Brad on getting hitched! Thank you so much for, once again, inviting me to be a part of your family's big event!