Mr. and Mrs. Nickel!!!

Sometimes I sit down to write a blog post and I come up with a serious case of writers block. Sometimes I sit down to write a blog post and I have SO many thoughts in my head that I don't even know where to begin! So, bear with me, I'm just going to blurb out some thoughts for a while. At Sarah and David's wedding, there was an older couple there who I assumed was married. They were fabulous together - laughing, joking, and very, very complimentary of each other. I asked them, "How long have you been married?" He replied, "Oh no, we're not married my dear! I keep asking her and she keeps telling me no! See, now watch, 'Darlin', Will You Marry Me?" and she replied, " Hell no!" And they continued to burst out in laughter!

This couple has been together for 13 years and it doesn't matter to them if they are married or not, because they are truly in love. A ring, a party, the dress, a legal contract - none of that matters, just the fact that they simply want to be together.

After having this conversation, I watched Sarah and David. The more I watched, the more I realized that they had these same qualities and there is no doubt in my mind that they will be last, because they choose to be together. The choose to make each other laugh and smile, push and support each other and that is what matter the most. They chose and they chose perfectly!

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Congratulations to Sarah and David on their wonderful wedding! And here's to LOVE!