Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried!!!

WHEW!!!!! I have been looking forward to LeAnna and Dave's wedding for SO long! I absolutely loooove getting to know my clients really well before their big day and I felt like I had a really good sense of who these two were by the time they got hitched!

LeAnna and Dave's day was bittersweet. Dave's father passed away only months before the wedding and even though everyone knew how much he wanted to be present, you could absolutely feel how present he was this day. Needless to say it was a very emotional wedding, but very refreshing to see family and friends celebrating life!

LeAnna is just as cute as a button and she totally rocked her vintage gown and Dave wore his father's cuff links! The couple's wedding reception took place at one of my favorite locations in Minneapolis, the Semple Mansion.

siegblg0003.jpg siegblg0004.jpg siegblg0005.jpg siegblg0006.jpg siegblg0007.jpg siegblg0008.jpg siegblg0009.jpg siegblg0010.jpg siegblg0011.jpg siegblg0012.jpg siegblg0013.jpg siegblg0014.jpg siegblg0015.jpg siegblg0016.jpg siegblg0017.jpg siegblg0018.jpg siegblg0019.jpg siegblg0020.jpg siegblg0021.jpg siegblg0022.jpg siegblg0023.jpg siegblg0024.jpg siegblg0025.jpg siegblg0026.jpg siegblg0027.jpg

Congratulations to the newlyweds! I am SO happy for you!!!