Te Quiero // Emily & Matt

I took the stars from our eyes, and then I made a mapand knew that somehow I could find my way back

~ Florence and The Machine

To Emily & Matt, you have taught me more about love than you know.


Te Quiero session are being photographed through the end of February and we still have some openings!! To find out more, or to book your session, click here!

Cami & Erik!!

Cami & Erik were one our lovely sets of models for the Elevate Workshop! The fun part about these two is that they are newly-engaged in real life! Cami is also an amazing photographer - you should totally check her out! I snuck a few minutes with these two after hours... static_uri=%2Fdarkroom%2Fmt%2Fmt%2Dstatic%2F&data=%2Fdarkroom%2Fblog%2Fblogshow%2F4d39dc6b9bf58%2Fimage%2Etable%2Edat&slideshow=0&ssr=1&autofit=0&show_width=976&show_height=651


And once again, a giant thank you to Jen of Jen's Blossoms for creating the GORGEOUS bouquets, table scape and chandelier of flowers!


Karissa & Mike!!

We'll design a clever disguise We'll retreat to the bottom of the sea We were destined to live out our lives underwater, you and me

~ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


Special thanks to Jen's Blossoms for designing the AMAZING beach-ball-o-flowers & super-cute swim cap and to our lovely models, Karissa & Mike!


Te Quiero // An Intimate Couple Session


We're switching things up this year!! I'm super excited to announce:

Te Quiero // An Intimate Couple Session

For the past few years, we have hosted the Rockstar Boudoir event, but I want to get a little more gritty this year! Obviously, I love photographing couples, and I want to literally document love during the month of February. Whether you have been dating for 2 weeks or married for 50 years, I would love to have the opportunity to photograph you! I really want this to be an open creative experience, so I will be experimenting with various types of film + my digital camera!

Here's the scoop//

What: A very personal photography session with Eliesa featuring couples.

When: The entire month of February

Who: Any couple who would like to have lovely, personal and real photographs of this time in their lives!

Why: Because February is the month of love - why not?

Each session will include:  20 Images Private Online Gallery DVD [10] 5x5 Prints of your choice


Spaces are limited and subject to availability.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Eliesa at:


Erin & Maleah: Couple Session!

I absolutely love it when people get their photographs taken, simply just to have images of themselves! It's something that I don't think we value, overall, enough in today's world! When I got Maleah's e-mail a few weeks ago, I fell in love with her vision. She is at one of the most exciting times of her life. She's in a great relationship and she's about 4 months pregnant with her first child! To simply put it- this is one happy and glowing woman! Maleah and Erin wanted to document this time in their lives, with a photo session and it was SO much fun! I loved this session, because yes- she's pregnant, but it wasn't a maternity session. And yes, this couple is happily in love, but this wasn't an engagement session! This was simply a session to celebrate! You might recognize Erin, since he has a pretty cool job playing football for the Minnesota Vikings - and he also has a big secret! Erin is the only person who knows the gender of their baby! The couple will be throwing a big bash in a couple of weeks, where Erin will officially announce - to Maleah and all of their family and friends - if they will be having a boy or a girl! How fun is that?!?!?!?


Congratulations to Maleah and Erin on expecting your new little addition and thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives and getting to know you! You are one stunningly beautiful couple!


Almost Taymous!!

I would LOVE to introduce you all to a fabulous new blog - Almost Taymous! I met Tamara (pronounced Tay-mar) about a year ago while photographing her brother's wedding with Brandon and we were instant friends! This. girl. is. hilarious!

Right after her brother's wedding, she lost her 'dream job' and was a bit conflicted as to what she should do next. She knew what she loved and she knew what she was good at...and all of a sudden it came to her, a blog. She channeled all of her energy into putting it together and I must say, I think it is going to be a hit!

Tamara loves everything celebrity, fashion, and trends. She is also always hot-on-the-gossip and never holds back her honest opinion about whatever is the latest hot-topic.

For her blog, she wanted to do a 'spoof' of celebrities', which she asked me to shoot. Our goal was to make them super sarcastic and cheezy, which I think we achieved! ;0)

I highly encourage you all to check out Almost Taymous and in her own words:

"After closely following the ups and downs of the lives of celebrities, it is clear that being famous has its price. So I will move in a slightly different direction, since anyone can be famous these days, only one can be Almost Taymous."

taymous0001.jpg taymous0002.jpg taymous0003.jpg taymous0004.jpg taymous0005.jpg

Here's to following your dreams!


The Little L's!

I would like to introduce you all to Lily and Liam...also known as the Little L's! I hardly ever post baby/children/family photos on my blog, but these two have a very special place in my heart and I just had to share a couple images with you all!

Kelley and Nate are two of my all-time favorite people and I am just SO happy for these two! Not only are they amazing friends, but they also make THE most adorable babies!

A little fact-o: Lily and Liam are 2 months old now, but weren't suppose to be born for another 3 days from now....they were super-preemies, but they are sure strong little buggers with a lot of personality!

lilliliam0001.jpg lilliliam0012.jpg lilliliam0013.jpg lilliliam0004.jpg lilliliam0005.jpg lilliliam0006.jpg lilliliam0007.jpg

Congratulations to Kelley and Nate on the new little ones!


Rockstar Boudoir Photography: Part 2!

WOOO WEEEE!!!! First off, than you all for your comments, e-mails, texts, tweets and facebook comments on the images from Part 1 of the Rockstar Boudoir Photography Event! The photographs are getting quite the response and I'm super stoked about it! Many of you are asking about the post processing, so I'll explain my thought process a little more! The inspiration I gathered for this year's event was influenced heavily by Polaroid film. It was also inspired heavily by the beautiful and unpredictable 'mistakes' that are made when shooting film in general - especially light leaks. I have always thought that light leaks are gorgeous and I'm very happy with my re-creation of this effect into these images!

Mission Accomplished! Now, onto the hot stuff...

RB0035.jpg RB0036.jpg RB0037.jpg RB0038.jpg RB0039.jpg RB0040.jpg RB0041.jpg RB0042.jpg RB0043.jpg RB0044.jpg RB0045.jpg RB0046.jpg RB0047.jpg RB0048.jpg RB0049.jpg RB0050.jpg RB0051.jpg RB0052.jpg

I'm going to go ahead and give a big HELL YEAH to all of the ladies who were a part of this year's Rockstar Boudoir Photography Event - you are all gorgeous!


Rockstar Boudoir Photography: Part 1!

This year's Rockstar Boudoir Photography Event was a GREAT success! All of the ladies who took party in the night-o-fun were super cool, super hot and up for absolutely anything! We also had a bunch of fun rocking out to some LOUD music and sipping some bubbly! I host this event each year for 2 reasons:

  1. To have a TON of fun
  2. To empower women and make them feel beautiful!

This year, we kept the event in the studio, with a simple white background. All of the inspiration I pulled was very influenced by fashion and Polaroid film as well, along with grainy b&w - let me know what you think! Enjoy!!!

RB0001.jpg RB0002.jpg RB0003.jpg RB0004.jpg RB0005.jpg RB0006.jpg RB0008.jpg RB0009.jpg RB0010.jpg RB0011.jpg RB0012.jpg RB0013.jpg RB0014.jpg RB0015.jpg

Special thank-you to Brynn and Lisa for their expertise on hair + makeup!

Stay tuned for more hot photos tomorrow!


2nd Annual Rockstar Boudoir Event!

The 2nd Annual Rockstar Boudoir Event is right around the corner! We host this event each year to allow ladies the complete boudoir experience - and have some fun photos to share with your man, just in time for Valentines Day!

When: Wednesday, February 3rd Where: Photogen Inc Studio Why: To have some fun, get pampered and have some HAUT photos of yourself!

This sexy evening includes:

Hair + Makeup Complimentary Champagne Bad Ass Music 20 Minute Photo Shoot

All sessions will come complete with 10 final images, online gallery and 5x5 sexy book!

Spaces are limited and this is a 21+ event!

Sign up for your space now!!

If you have any questions, please e-mail:



The Family Stone

It's the season for family photos! Everyone always wants to update their looks for the big holiday card, so the requests just keep coming in! However, I am going to be completely honest with you all...family photos are not really my thing. I only photograph a few families a year. I do these for people who I have met, formed a great relationship with in the past and truly have a connection to! I got a call from Abby of Skinner Jones a few weeks ago and the more we talked about her very-large-extended family shoot, the more I actually wanted to do it! I came to THE house. You know when you watch movies, especially holiday movies, and the entire family comes to one big house that is super cozy and the kitchen is always bustling, the fire is on and music is rockin' while all the chaos of the family ensues?

This was THAT house! I absolutely loved this family and really enjoyed photographing them! There were 22 people, total, so I broke everyone down into their respective families before the GRAND family photo! Here are some of my favorite images!


famblg0001.jpg famblg0002.jpg famblg0003.jpg famblg0004.jpg famblg0005.jpg famblg0006.jpg famblg0008.jpg famblg0009.jpg

Aurora and Brian!!!

Aurora is a little firecracker - and I LOVE her!!! I met Aurora earlier this year, when she was recommended to me as a designer for our fabulous new re-brand. Finding the perfect designer can be a daunting task, but the second I met her, I knew it was true love and she knew exactly what I was about!

Brian is the calm in their relationship - and it is the perfect balance, since these two have been married for 7 years! I asked them what the secret to 7 years was and they said, "Laugh and be Nerds..." Alright, I'll take that advice and run with it!

I also have to give major props to these two for supporting local fashion: Brian's jacket is by Laura Fulk and Aurora's dress is by Joynoelle!

aurblg0001.jpg aurblg0002.jpg aurblg0003.jpg aurblg0004.jpg aurblg0005.jpg aurblg0006.jpg aurblg0007.jpg aurblg0008.jpg aurblg0009.jpg aurblg0010.jpg aurblg0011.jpg aurblg0012.jpg


Stephanie: Boudoir Photography Session!

Stephanie got married 2 months ago and what a lucky husband she is going to have! As a wedding gift, she flew all the way from Chicago and treated herself to a boudoir photography session for her man! We had our session at the A Loft Hotel in downtown Minneapolis and I really enjoyed shooting a boudoir session in this space! A special thank you to Hana for doing Stephanie's Hair + Makeup! Now, enough chatter, time to look at some haute boudoir photography!

stephboudoirblg0001.jpg stephboudoirblg0002.jpg stephboudoirblg0003.jpg stephboudoirblg0004.jpg stephboudoirblg0005.jpg stephboudoirblg0006.jpg stephboudoirblg0007.jpg stephboudoirblg0008.jpg

Ooooh La Laaa!


Film: Grandma!

A few weeks ago, an incredibly awesome person lent me a film camera, that is absolutely amazing by the way, and I totally became re-inspired to photograph some things on 'my list'. I also inspired some spontaneous shoots too! Film photos fire me up because of their authenticity. It is SO real and lovely and it constantly reminds me of why I am a photographer. The imperfection is what makes it beautiful to me.

I've been meaning to photograph my 90 year old grandmother for a long time. 90 years old. What does that look like? 90 years old. What do you do? 90 years old. What makes you happy?

I can say that at 90 years old, Grandma, as she is known to everyone, is quite the woman. Her favorite past time is entertaining, chatting and playing board games. Taking her photograph was so much fun, because it was definitely the highlight of her day, but it was more than that. It was an opportunity to really document an amazing woman.

01480014.jpg 01480010.jpg 01480016.jpg 01480020.jpg 01480021.jpg



Paige and Wyatt: Expecting!

The world is so small. I am reminded of this daily when I meet people and somehow our circles have crossed and all of a sudden my world is open to a whole new realm of fabulous clients! All of my business comes from referrals and word of mouth. I am constantly amazed and grateful for all of the awesome recommendations that my past clients give out! Paige was deciding on whether or not to get maternity photos done when Lisha sent her my website. Done and Done. A few days later, Paige had 2 sessions booked and she was so excited! It was a true pleasure to photograph Paige and her husband Wyatt (who for those hockey fans, watch for Wyatt's debut in Pittsburgh - he just signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins! ). This is such a special time in their lives and these two are SO excited to meet their little girl!

paigeblg0001.jpg paigeblg0002.jpg paigeblg0003.jpg paigeblg0004.jpg

And now for my favorite - the studio session!

 paigeblg0005.jpg paigeblg0007.jpg

Congratulations to Paige and Wyatt! I can't wait to meet little Ruby in a few weeks!