LOVEe Consults: Noelle from Fishtale Photography!

This past week, I had a LOVEe Consult with the fabulous Noelle of Fishtale Photography! We had an amazing day what I loved about her consult is that we just simply talked! Noelle use to work in Law, before pursuing her dream of being a photographer and running her own business, and I am SUPER proud of her for taking the leap and going out on her own! Usually, I give a recap on the day, but I thought I would switch it up a bit! This is Noelle's 'testimonial' of her LOVEe Consult:

"My LOVEe Consult...

Webster's Dictionary says that the definition of love is an affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests. Others define love as a positive regard for something. But, I think Eliesa is the definition of LOVE when it comes to photography.  Eliesa has a LOVE for really connecting with others to help them understand photography as a profession...  The LOVEe Consult was just what I needed and exactly what I had envisioned it to be.  I felt as though she had designed the consult Just. For. Me.  Her concise explanations and answers to my constant questions and her what-could-have-been-really-painful-and-harsh-but-was-actually-more-of-a-loving critique of my current business was something I really needed to hear...and wouldn't have gotten anywhere else.  Her suggestions on how to enhance what I have been doing are going to take me to a newer level in photography.  I would recommend a LOVEe Consult to any photographer who is looking to gain new insight into ways to be a better photographer and achieve a stronger business...regardless of how long they've been in the industry..."

~ Noelle


We are now booking LOVEe Consults for this winter!

If you would like to know more information, please download the LOVEe Consults PDF here!

Have more questions or want to sign up? E-mail me at



Welp! Today is my birthday! Yeah for birthdays! Every year, I do a post on my birthday and it's totally a time where I reflect back on what I've accomplished and where I want to go! (I know, I know - of course, Eliesa. You would set goals on your birthday...) Really though, I think it is the perfect time to measure my hopes and dreams, because that is what this life is about right? I just looked back on my post from last year and I must say, I am pretty darn proud of myself, because I can check a lot of those things off my list! I have to say though, for this post, I decided to go back through facebook, my phone, twitter and my blog to gather pictures from my favorite moments this year and my mind is blown a bit! I can not believe the amount of new things I have experiences, the amazing new relationships and friendships that I have made and just how much I have actually DONE this year!

I do want to give a BIG thank you to all of you who continue to check into our blog, and truly support everything that Team Photogen Inc is up to! It really means the world to me that there is so much love out there for us and I hope we continue to give that back!

So, onto my goals. This next year, I want to...

Pound the Pavement: I'm always talking about 'taking things to the next level' and everything is perfectly in place! Every time you move up in the world, you start from ground zero again! I'm excited to continue building new relationships and branching out on a national level!

10 &10 Plan: I have this goal that I think will be amazing! It's going to take me a while to get there, but I want to shoot 10 amazing, jaw dropping, destination weddings per year, along with 10 kick-ass-cool editorial gigs. Stay in Touch: This is a returning goal from last year. My friends do mean the world to me and I life is always busy, but I need to keep trying to make these relationships a priority! And I just want to hang out more!

Travel: I still want to take that 3-4 week trip.

Boss Lady: As our team grows (10 of us now!), my roll in leading our companies becomes even more important! I'm trying to build a culture and I want to be the absolute best I can for my crew and my clients!

Workshop: Yep, it's happening. January 2011, some greatness is about to happen. I've been putting this off for about a year and it's finally going to become a reality!

Remember That I am Only One Person: Everything I do is for you. Everything I do is for my team, clients and industry. Everything I do is to inspire. Sometimes I need to remember that I am only one person, but that I am fabulous.

Continue to Inspire: This is what keeps me going. This is the beauty of what I do. Each and every day, I have the opportunity to inspire others. How amazing is that?


So, please, Join me in celebrating one incredible year and an even more fabulous one to come!



Alexandra and Nick: Engaged!

I love going back to the place where my clients get engaged, especially when the location is super personal to the couple! I am also a sucker for a good love story! For Alexandra and Nick, this place was her parent's home - which happens to be a historic house on Lake Minnetonka! In fact, Nick proposed to Alex the night of the 100 year party of the home in front of all her family and friends! The house was originally built by a man who designed it as a gift to his new wife in remembrance of their honeymoon in Japan! It comes complete with a Japanese style boat house that is just about as romantic and charming as you get!

The Scott family has been in this house about 19 years now and have clearly continued bringing the romance to the home!


Congratulations to Alex and Nick! I can not WAIT for your wedding next year!


Mr. and Mrs. Oeltjenbruns!!

I know I always talk about how much I love my clients, and trust me, I really, REALLY love each and every one of them! But I have to say, Matt and Hillary are two of my all-time-favorite people! There are literally, a million reason why I love these two so much, but one of the things that has always stuck in my head about this couple is really how much they truly value their photos! I grew up in the same hometown as both Hillary and Matt, but never really knew them too well. The amazing thing about them is that after they became engaged, I was THE FIRST PERSON they called!!! How INSANE is that! For me, that really brought home how powerful my images speak to those around me and the true worth that they hold to my clients! The best bookings are those clients who don't even think twice, they just HAVE to have Team Photogen Inc and all that we offer! Over the last year, Matt, Hillary and I have built this amazing friendship and I really admire how grateful this couple is for absolutely everyone in their lives! One thing I love about this couple is their families. Both sets of their parents are still married and ALL of their grandparents are still married!! Marriage is another value that has been instilled, and nurtured through generations in this family and it is SO obvious, when you see the way that Matt and Hill love each other!

Hillary also takes the award for best bouquet this year!


Congratulations to Hill and Matt! I am SO excited for you both and want to sincerely thank you for choosing me to document your wedding day!


Lane and Eddie: Engaged!

Lane and Eddie are a couple who's love is absolutely effortless. They are one one of those couples who is completely on the same page about everything and their relationship is, well, easy! I also love how classic the two of them are! For their engagement session, we went back to the spot where Eddie proposed and the words classic, beauty and sophistication kept creeping into my head for inspiration! Speaking of inspiration, the theme of their upcoming nuptials next year is 'The Great Gatsby'! As Lane sends me more and more tidbits of info about their wedding, I get more and more's going to be a grand affair!

Congratulations to Lane and Eddie! I can not WAIT for your wedding next year!


Mr. and Mrs. Mulholland!

Shana and Jacob are a striking couple! I remember, after photographing their engagement photos, I had no other words to describe them other than gorgeous! Not only do they look amazing together, but they are a very complimentary couple as well! Shana and Jacob are one of those couples who just LOOKlike they are suppose to be together...hence why they are! They are a couple who adore, love and have the utmost respect for each other and after meeting their families, it's obvious that those values have been handed down through the generations...along with their good genes! :0)Shana and Jacob had the perfect Minneapolis wedding! It was beyond gorgeous outside on their wedding day and the fall colors are in their peak!! We had SUCH a blast with this couple - they know how to glam it up and have a TON of fun!

[blogshow id=4cb3904b65dc3 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=1]

Congratulations to Shana and Jacob!!


Engage10 Recap!!

This past weekend, I attended my first Engage Business Summit! Engage10 was held at the uber-sexy resort called The Breakers in West Palm Beach, Florida and all I can say is that my experience there was truly life changing! Now, I know that we're all pumped up about our time there - twitter is a **buzz** and we've all "drunk-the-cool-aide" so to say. However; the real exciting work and relationship building really does begin NOW that we are all home and back in our elements! First off, I must say that I didn't pick up my camera once while I was in Florida. So, all of these lovely and amazing pictures were photographed by Mel Barlow and her crew, DVB Photographers or my iphone :0). So, I have to say thank you to all of these people for letting me use their images!! Why didn't I pick up my camera? Why didn't I capture this amazing experience for myself? Because I was there to EXPERIENCE it. I wanted to see, eat, and breathe what luxury is all about. I wanted to understand my clients and the experience that they thrive for. Let me tell you, this weekend was over the top and I am SO excited that I allowed myself to stand back from the camera and soak up all of the information I could and begin to build some amazing relationships!

In my last blog post, I said that I thought I would be 'the bad-ass one of the group'....I was very mistaken. EVERYONE in that room is a bad ass! I wasn't sure how I would 'fit in' with the luxury side of things. I mean, I come from the Midwest, yet I strive for the highest standards, which is sometimes a mindset that isn't received so well here. When I've talked about my goals in the past, some people in my local market chuckle a little bit. All I can say is that in Florida, I was surrounded by SO many people who have the EXACT mentality that I do about the wedding industry, the art of creating captivating and inspiring art, and the completely fabulous experience we give our clients. I was surrounded by people who dream just as big as I do and who don't think that is one bit of crazy. (Even though, we all are a bit on the crazy train!) I was surrounded by people who value their employees and realize the importance of taking care of them, working together, and hiring the BEST people. I wasn't really sure how the crowd would be at Engage10. Up until this point, I've only attended photographers-only workshops, events, conventions, etc. and many of times there is this fierce sense of big egos and competition. All I have to say is that at one point during the weekend, I looked around, and thought, "I am completely at home."

Engage10 brought all sorts of wedding professionals together! There were Photographers, Event Designers and Planners, Invitation Designers, Cake Makers, Musicians, Magazine Editors, Catering Directors, Entrepreneurs and all over leaders in our industry. The kicker was that absolutely every single person attending and speaking at this event was THE BEST at what they do.

One of the key things that stuck with me was the word ELEVATE. When I talk about taking things to the next level, I mean...I seriously want to rock-it-out like none other. I feel like we have SUCH an amazing crew right now with AMAZING talent, we have multiple brands that are now established...everything is in place. It's now time to elevate ourselves to photograph weddings that are nothing short of incredible. With this comes giving our clients an even MORE unbelievable experience with us, besides the actually day-of-shooting. This means working with event designers and coordinators who bring BIG visions to life. This means photographing events across the world. This means collaborating with the BEST and sharing it with the world. This means, taking the business and art of being a wedding photographer and giving luxury a whole new meaning...We have absolutely everything in place, it's now time to elevate ourselves!!!

I was also incredibly humbled to be amongst greatness.

Sylvia Weinstock is officially my hero. Amy Atlas taught me the importance of doing simple things WELL. Donna Newman reminded me to thing about my priorities. Carly Roney put culture into perspective for me. Harmony Walton taught me how to be innovative. Simon Bailey told me how to SHIFT. Mindy Weiss is expanding upon what she does best and sharing that with the world. Todd Fiscus, Tara Guerard, David Beahm and Bryan Rafanelli opened my eyes to a world of amazing desgin...I now have ALL of the respect in the world for these people. Ceci Johnson confirmed that putting my face on everything is totally smart and not vain.  Liz Banfield reminded me why I love to be in Minneapolis. Amy Zaroff, Lindsay Piram, Amy Rubins and Stephanie Johnson made me proud to be from Minneapolis and excited for what the future holds for our market with this amazing talent! Bernadette Smith taught me all about gay weddings and the passion behind them. Susan, Lara, Marilyn, Carol, Brooke, Shira and Darcy all gave me a new appreciation for magazine print and the process of getting published. Randy Fenoli helped me get my priorities longer do I want to buy Jay-Z a drink...Jay-Z will buy ME a drink someday...

...and last but not least, a HUGE thank you goes out to Kathryn Arce and Rebecca Grinnals who dreamed of this conference. This is their 5th time putting this event together and even though this is my first experience, I have a feeling they have out-done themselves! They brought together THE most amazing people in the most nurturing environment possible. These ladies are truly remarkable!!

Here's a video from Cloud 9 Creative...just a snippet of our experience...

Engage '10 {Day 2 + 3} from Cloud Nine Creative on Vimeo.


I'm incredibly pumped up for all of the new friendships and relationships I made at Engage! It was an incredible weekend, but gave me absolutely everything I need for the future!


Off to Engage!

So, I've been saying for a while now that I have some pretty lofty goals and big dreams! This doesn't only apply to the push on the commercial side, but also the wedding world! This past year, I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Spain and I learned quite a bit about myself. The number one lesson I walked away with was that I thrive in new locations. I am most inspired when I am in a setting that I have never been, when the space oozes a certain atmosphere that you can't get anywhere else in the world, and where the light and culture are so yummy, you just want to eat it up. At my core, I create my best work at locations that I have never been to before. All of these feelings were re-affirmed when I shot in Aspen a couple weeks ago and I know I need to make a shift to shoot at more destination locations.

Now, I know that many of you might be rolling your eyes and saying," Well, duh Eliesa, everyone wants to shoot in sweet locations." But this is different for me. This is not just a hope, this is a need and a desire that has been building in my for some time now and I just KNOW that when it comes to weddings, I need to go big or go home!

Hence, I will be attending Engage 10 next week! Engage is a business summit (aka..fancy word for a workshop) that is taking place at The Breakers resort in Florida. What appeals to me most about this is the fact that it is not JUST photographers or geared towards photography! Everyone from magazine editors to invitation designers will be attending the event, which is kept at an intimate number. I will be building relationships with others who strive for the same vision as I do, along with learning from those who have already done so!

I'm very excited to learn from these people and see if this is a part of the industry where I feel at home. I've been incredibly lucky to have booked clients around the world and I'm ready for more!

And I also have a feeling I might just be the bad ass one of the group...:0)


Here's to big goals and big dreams!


LOVEe Group Consults // Denver Recap!!

This trip to Denver has been fantastic! The purpose of the trip is to have a bunch of LOVEe Consults, and the first ever Group LOVEe Consult!! The session was held at The Corner Office, in downtown Denver and the space + service set the perfect tone!! The consults are a very personal and intense-conversational-based session, which we critique all areas of a photographer's business, so it was super important for me to find the perfect atmosphere! We talked about our experiences, why we are artists, and the strengths and struggles of owning your own business. We talked about everything from the wedding world to commercial photography and nailing down your perfect clients. We also talked how to actually be profitable and how to push the limits to make that happen. One common word was the theme of yesterday:


It all comes down to trust.

Trust yourself that you CAN build a business on your passion. Trust and allow yourself to change and grow into the roll of a stronger artist and business owner. Trust  yourself that you are confident in your skill when shooting. Trust your gut. Trust in your dreams. Trust others in your community and industry to build each other up. Trust that you will find your perfect clients.

Ultimately, the people who will book you will believe in you. Whether they are booking you to shoot their wedding of photograph a big editorial spread, they are trusting in you to get the job done and give them the most incredible experience ever! You can do it! All you have to do is allow yourself to trust...


On another note, I have had the opportunity to meet some new friends, Paul Bangasser and R.J. Kern! Both of these men are photographers, kick ass artists and have the BEST hearts!! They are both driven by extreme passion and are born leaders! I am so happy to have gotten a chance to chat with them both on this trip and share the LOVE!


Heidi and Jonah: Engaged!!

Heidi and Jonah are one of those couples who loves to give back! In fact, these two actually met at a charity event and their relationship grew from there! Being a part of their community is a huge priority to this couple! Jonah started his own wealth management company in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago a couple of years ago and he got all fired up telling me about how involved they are getting...and how excited he is about it! I'm so lucky to have such amazing clients, but also to be able to meet so many inspiring people who absolutely LOVE what they do and make a difference with their lives! That's what it's all about, right? Heidi and Jonah, thank you SO much for your time with me in Chicago! I had a blast with you and can not wait for your wedding!


Congratulations to Heidi and Jonah!


Ode to Melissa O!!

Dear Melissa, We love you from the bottom of our hearts! You have been such a lovely assistant to the Photogen Inc. crew!! We will miss seeing you decked out in your fabulous J.Crew ensembles that you somehow graciously shoot in, we will miss your fiery red hair and smart-ass-comments-when-we-least-expect-it. Most of all we will miss your smile, energy and camaraderie that you bring to our team!  We are SO proud of how much you have grown and all of the amazing things that are in your future!

We love you SO much and you will always be a part of our family!


eliesa, liz, brandon, jonny, judd, ryan, tom, jacob, louisa, and chelsey


Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!!

Magoo. Magoo is Kristi and Eric's gorgeous dog and he came in his best bow-tie to see the couple tie the knot! I'm a serious dog lover and a sucker for people's pets to be a part of their wedding! The big event took place at the Mill City Museum and I think their ceremony lasted mayyyyyybe 7 minutes? That's totally how this couple rolls...short, sweet and having a lot of fun along the way!! I was super impressed with their mode-of-transportation for their guests...they rented Pedicabs!! Venue: Mill City Museum Hotel: A Loft Hotel Transportation: Peterson's Pedicabs Florist: Sadie's Floral Design Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!!



Let me take a moment to talk about my friends, Sara and Scott! Together, many of us refer to them as Haytour and they are two of my all-time-favorite-people, hands down! Sara is a photographer who hails from Minnesota and this past year, she followed her dream to move to the pacific northwest! It's funny, because when Sara lived RIGHT in town, we knew each other and were friends, but we REALLY have grown a million times closer since she moved away! It's funny how that works... About a week before Sara moved, she met Scott, who lives in Tacoma and he flew out to help her move! Every one was like, "Who is this guy?"...Why am I telling you all of this? Well, Sara and Scott have become two of the most important people in my life very quickly and they've been back in MPLS visiting this last week! I've spent time with them out in Seattle / Tacoma, and between that time and this week, I just simply adore them. My job is consumed by couples who are in love, and sometimes, I will admit, I analyze the topic quite a bit!  I think their relationship, perspective in life and outlook on the world is SO refreshing! These are two people who truly live life to the fullest...and make me laugh CONSTANTLY when I am around them! They are people who pick me up, people who support me and completely understand me.

I suppose there is not really a point to this blog post except to express my extreme love for Sara and Scott! (I know that might sounds weird, but shit, you get it, right?!) Friends like this are so rare in life, yet so necessary! I feel super lucky to have such incredible friends in my life and I hope that everyone can experience this kind of friendship in their lives!


Happy Friday Everyone!


Mr. and Mrs. York: Married in ASPEN!!

Sheri and David are an amazing couple from Chicago! When Sheri called me on the phone months ago, the first thing she said was," Well, My wedding is going to be in Aspen..." Enough said. Sign me up. I fell in love with her over the phone and when I traveled to Chicago for their engagement session, I really fell hard! Sheri and David are one of those couples who are absolutely, hands down, perfect for each other and I have been looking forward to their wedding all year! When I began my journey to Aspen, I had a layover in the Denver airport and I seem to have a curse with that place! Every time I fly through there, something happens. Flights are canceled, I get stranded or you know, the world ends! On my flight to Aspen, we had to turn around due to high winds and I ended up driving with 4 other comrades on their way to the wedding! I had SO much fun on that car ride and one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend was hearing how much Sheri and David's friend's family loved them as a couple. Literally everyone in that room, adored this couple and you couldn't help but feel the love on that mountain!

Congratulations to Sheri and David on their gorgeous wedding! Thank you SO much for getting married in Aspen, so I could shoot on top of a mountain! It pretty much was the best location ever! Thank you to all of the amazing people who are now great friends and a SPECIAL thank-you to Ajit Singh, who assisted me at this wedding and saved my life when I was late! ;0)


Announcing: LOVEe Group Consults // DENVER!



The time has come for even MORE exciting news!

Since blogging about my Fall Bookings for one-on-one LOVEe Consults, there has been much chatter from people in the Southwest states showing interest! It just so happens that I will be in the Denver area at the end of September and I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to offer a Group LOVEe Consult!

What?!?!? A Group?!?! Here's the scoop:


Wednesday, September, 29, 2010


Denver, Colorado!!!!!

The location of the workshop will be held in The Corner Office, which is part of The Curtis Hotel, right downtown! We'll have a super cool, inspiring area, all to ourselves!


Photographers who want to take their business to the next level and have been yearning for some mentoring to get there! My goal is to keep this group very small, so you still get the one-on-one treatment that is so special about LOVEe Consults. There's also huge benefits, relationships and advice that come out of a group environment as well, which is an added bonus!

How is a Group LOVEe Consult different from a one-on-one consult?

The group consult will have a group element to it. The day will be heavily based on critique on your business, branding, ideas, goals, inspiration etc. We will still be covering all of the topics that we do in a normal consult, which are:

The Artist Intense Critique Goal Setting Marketing Submissions Equipment and Shooting Techniques Inspiration Open Q&A!

The night will also conclude with a sweet dinner with yours truly!

What's my investment for a Group LOVEe Consult?

Here's the brilliant part! Since it's not one-on-one, it's only $500!

Remember, I do want to keep this to a very small and intimate group, so spaces are super limited!


To reserve your spot, sign up here!

For more information on the Group LOVEe Consult, CLICK HERE!

I'm super excited to share the love! (cheezy, but true!)  DENVER, here we come!


The Photogen Inc. Culture!

Words can not express how proud I am right now! 6 years ago, I started Photogen Inc. Many people wondered why I didn't just use my name or why I chose to be a corporation from the get-go and it was for one simple reason: I wanted this to be bigger than myself! I remember the day that I went to get books from Barnes & Noble on 'Business for Dummies' and 'How to start a Business in Minnesota'...I literally knew nothing about business. I also used this super crappy software to help me 'write a business plan' (which for the record, I have never, ever used or shown anyone). However, I can't discount any of these experiences. Every single one of those baby steps at the beginning of all of this helped me shape my vision for what I wanted Photogen Inc. to become.

I started the company based on commercial and editorial work, not weddings at all! The wedding industry has obviously evolved into a huge part of our business and we are thrilled to be a part of it! For the 2011 season, we are taking things up 10 notches an I am SO excited about the clients that we have already booked...and all of the opportunities to come! This year, we made the decision to separate out the commercial work from the wedding world and we launched ELIESA. I have BIG plans and strong intentions for this brand to carry on my editorial work that I also care so much about! Lastly, this past year has been Brandon's first official year as a Lead Photographer for our sister company, Rivets and Roses! He has done an AMAZING job bringing his creative vision into the wedding world and it's only getting stronger and stronger! We are super excited to also announce a new photographer for Rivets and Roses....Louisa! I met Louisa years ago through friends and have always admired her! She attended this past MINNeSHOP and I simply had this feeling that she would be a perfect fit for the Rivets and Roses team! I'm so excited to see where Louisa and Brandon take things for this brand!!

Notice how in the beginning of this e-mail, it started with little-ole-me and has now evolved into 10 PEOPLE?!?!?!?! Some days, I come into work and my mind is blown by how things are shaping into the EXACT vision that I wrote down on that silly business plan years ago! Other days I come in and think of all the possibility and how far we still have to go! Regardless, we are now much bigger than myself! My goal with having a crew and with ALL of our companies is to create a CULTURE. I want to create a place where people are passionate. Where people come to work and create. Where people support each other, push each other and make each other the best artists and people we can possibly be. It's a place where we all come, day in and day out to be truly remarkable and settle for nothing less. It's a culture that is BIGGER than one person, and bigger than one photographer. It's a culture that our clients are a part of and in return, have the best experience of their lives!

Our crew is bigger and better than ever! Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you, my crew:

In the words of the man himself, Jay z:

"Baby i'm a boss, i dunno what they do, I don't get dropped, I dropped the label, World can't hold me, too much ambition, always knew it'd be like this when I was in the kitchen..."

Here's to living the dream!


Daniel and Venina: Strike a Pose!

This past weekend was a special treat! We didn't photograph a wedding, we photographed a reception! Daniel and Venina are both from Indonesia and had their traditional wedding a couple of weeks ago back in their home country! I welcomed the chance to shoot a reception-only event and their party was absolutely stunning! Their event took place in the Dowling Studio at the Guthrie Theater, but the best part was their actual dinner was in a small theater...that they rarely rent out for events! It was such a great surprise! I can't tell you how many times I have photographed in this space and never knew there was this magical little theater behind the doors! Event Couture made sure that all of Venina's hand-made details were in place for her big event! (And when I say hand made...everything from the floral arrangements to the cute little seating tags were all her creation!) The setting of Daniel and Venina's reception was the perfect fit for them! Well constructed, creative, modern and dramatic...all of these things reflect their two personalities perfectly!

My all-time-favorite part of their day came down to one thing: Their flower girls! They totally stole the show...


Congratulations to Daniel and Venina on your marriage!


Amber and Joe: Engaged!

Here's the deal! I've known Amber since....well....basically, I can't remember my life without her being in it! Since we were wee-little-ones, she has been my partner-in-crime, my best friend and diagonal twin! (Yes, diagonal...inside joke!) She is now engaged to THE most amazing man for her! Joe is Mr. Calm, Mr. Easy Going...and judging by their photos, Mr. Studly! No, really, I've noticed the way that he just adored and protects Amber and I couldn't imaging a more perfect guy for her to spend the rest of her life with! These two share a passion for all-things-athletic. (This is kind of necessary, since Amber is one of the most competitive people I've ever met...don't be surprised if you catch her with a stop watch in her hand...regularly!) Among their athletic endeavors, they have a true love for cycling! This was the perfect element to bring into their engagement session and clearly where they are at ease and just have fun!

Congratulations to Amber and Joe on their engagement! I'm SO excited for their wedding...believe it or not...I get to be IN a wedding?!?!?! YEAH!!!! Love you two so much!


Allison and Jason: Engaged!

Allison actually reminds me a lot of myself! Maybe it's the blonde hair, but her personality is SO fabulous and I was instantly drawn to her spark-for-life when she first walked into the studio! Now, bring in Jason to the mix and this is one. hot. couple! Allison is also a fashion designer, so her creative energy and passion for details were flowing when she started dreaming up their engagement session! We decided to go with a bit of a traveling theme, since both Allison and Jason love to take trips together! Mix that in with THE most gorgeous late-summer-light and a little bit of magic happens!


Congratulations to Allison and Jason on their engagement! You two are an AMAZING couple and I know your wedding is going to be just as fabulous as you are!


Mr. and Mrs. Harb!

There are certain images that get me SUPER pumped up on a wedding day. As I'm going thru and editing Amer and Rita's amazing Lebanese wedding tonight, there is so much that I can share with you! They had a ton of culture, a beautiful ceremony and one insane dance party...but as I am editing, I am continually drawn to and inspired by the portraits from their day! Amer and Rita's wedding was a true family affair! Their brother and sister were there 'best' and all of the nephews, nieces and cousins rounded out the rest of the wedding party! Photos are suppose to be fun on a wedding day and I think the portrait part of the day should reflect a sense of art, personality and intensity of all that is going on around us on this very important day!

So, without further adieu, I've decided to share with you the images that I keep coming back to...and keep on being inspired by!

Congratulations to Rita and Amer on their gorgeous wedding!