Photogen Inc. launches new website!

Today is a BIG day for us here at Photogen Inc.! For the past 5 months, we've been putting so much time and love into creating a new website for you. My original goal was to have this site done before wedding season hit, in the beginning of May. Well, it's August 2nd and we're finally launching! For those of you who know me, you know that I never miss deadlines. I've learned SO much through this process (I even learned how to code a little bit...a very little bit) and I am SO excited to share everything we've been building for you!

As we've been working, I would mention to people that a new website is coming. Many people responded, "Why? You're site is so good!" Yes, our old site was great, but I knew we could be better. First off, we have switched servers to better serve our clients with faster loading galleries. This was quite the task to transfer all of our information and we simply have THE best clients who were patient with us during the switch! Secondly, we switched platforms! Our new site is WordPress based, which opens up a world of opportunity for us, especially when it comes to integrating social media and utilizing SEO. Lastly, we wanted to involve you more. Our blog has been great in the past and we have THE most loyal and awesome blog readers that continue to come to our blog and see the shoots we've been producing! Now, we are going to take blogging one step further! Not only will you see the latest weddings, engagement sessions and other shoots, but we will also be having three specific features each week. These blogs will feature great wedding style, vendor relations and even a weekly post for photographers! The intention with these blogs is to help educate and inspire our clients and industry!

You will also notice a clean, new look to Photogen Inc! We've lightened things up a bit and I'm absolutely in looooooove with this new look! So, go ahead! Browse around a bit and enjoy all of our portfolios, information, vendor links and the new blog! You just might find yourself on our new site!


WEDDING STYLE // Freedom From Doubt

I am a sucker for good menswear. I absolutely love it when guys have great style, and especially on their wedding day! One of my favorite accessory designers is Jared Zachary, the genius behind Freedom From Doubt, which is a custom neckwear brand. This company makes bow ties, neckties and pocket squares that are THE perfect, unique and perfectly chosen accessory for any groom, groomsmen or wedding guest. Freedom From Doubt has booth an Freedom From Doubt and also specializes in custom design. The company is also hand-makes everything, right here in the U.S.A. Jared was so gracious to take the time and answer some questions into dressing like a gentleman and the mystery of tying a bow tie!

Q. What makes Freedom From Doubt so unique?

A. I would say there are few key things that allow Freedom From Doubt to remain unique in the wedding industry. First of all, my clients don't have to worry about a thing, because they are in safe hands. Custom orders are specific to the needs of the wedding party, so they don't have to stress about finding the right color, pattern, or fabric content on the rack. Being a small business, clients are able to meet with myself, rather than a representative, and I am very flexible to create exactly what they want. I can also work with them to develop their ideas in the most tasteful and most efficient way.

Secondly, I am able to create their custom designs in a hassle-free, ready-tied bow. This makes it easy for the groomsmen, but best of all, the bows look like they are actually tied by hand. Groomsmen don't have to look like you are re-living their junior prom.

[quote]Freedom From Doubt is all about confidence. My job is to take the client's idea and bring it to life to express their character and radiate their confidence.[/quote]

Q. What are the first steps a groom should take when choosing what attire to purchase for their wedding day?

A. Communicate with your bride first. Communicate with your groomsmen next. Do all this with your own style in mind. Obviously, the brides dress and bridesmaid dresses take precedence over the mens looks. That's not a bad thing, because it give the mens looks direction. Once you know your color palette, you can hit the ground running.

Q. What are the benefits of having custom neckwear?

A. Everybody wants to make their wedding day special, intimate, and unique. That being said, there are not many ways to have a totally custom wedding or even custom clothing without spending a considerable amount of money. If you can afford to purchase custom tailored suits, do it. If not, make your groom and groomsmen's outfit unique in more budget-friendly way -- the accessories. The accessories make or break the outfit. Go for custom neckwear and even custom pocket squares, and you can have the unique look you want, without breaking the bank.

Q. Why should we care about the pocket square?

A. Sometimes, an outfit can be a puzzle -- Each piece needs to be present for the puzzle to work. A pocket square is a simple accessory that can tie your outfit together in order to complete the puzzle. I usually wear one to unite my choice of neckwear with the rest of my outfit.

Q. What are some key trends in menswear / neckwear right now?

A. Men are finally having more fun. Just all the lifestyle accoutrements like fancy shaving kits, facial care, and hair grooming products that have been around for years. This is evidence that more and more men are becoming more interested in the way they look and feel. They care. And that is a great thing. This has sparked many trends like the use of narrow ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Within these categories, I am seeing bold colors and bold prints with the importance textures increasing each season.

Q. What are some tips on buying neckwear online and finding that 'perfect fit'?

A. I can't speak for every company, but I know that this world is only becoming more and more technology-driven. That means designers like myself are designing with their online customer in mind. Honestly, it's difficult to sell a product to somebody that can't see it with their own eyes or touch it with their own hands. However, I am always going to make sure that my customers are able to see the exact color and texture of each piece with true, high quality images. All of my bow ties are adjustable, so they are sure to fit. If there is any uncertainty or any problems with fit, I always urge my customers to let me know so I can meet their needs accordingly. I feel like most online stores realize the importance of a personable customer service team and are more than happy to field questions a potential customer would have. My online store is a simple tool for my customers, new and returning, to have quick and easy access to my products. The best part is that anyone in the world can be free from doubt.

You can also check out Freedom From Doubt on Facebook.

Jodi and Brandon: Engaged!

Jodi and Brandon met each other at a wedding. Seriously – their story is totally out of a perfectly written chick flick! He lived in Florida and Jodi was in Minnesota at the time, so the two continued to explore this relationship from a far. After many trips to Florida, Brandon proposed one night on the beach and Jodi said yes!

When I first met this couple, there was some serious client love! We bonded over many things, but specifically my love (and total guilty pleasure) of country music! I know, to all of those who know me, you will probably think I’m constantly about Jay Z all of the time, but little do you know, the country station is probably playing in my car 90% of the time when I’m driving alone…when you come from a small town, it’s what’s you love. Anyways, having some clients that I can share this secret love with is SO much fun and during their engagement session, the country music was definitely a-playin whenever we were in the car!

Another observation I made about these two is the honest and deep adoration that Brandon has for Jodi! Lets back up…Brandon is a gentleman’s gentleman. He’s the guy that will open every door for you and also not hesitate to risk-everything to save the day! When it comes to Jodi, it is so cool to see him treat her with such a genuine love and respect that is sometimes rare to see these days. Ladies – chivalry is alive and well! ;0)


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Congratulations to Jodi and Brandon on their engagement! So excited for their wedding next summer!


Happy 4th of July!

I love holidays – especially when I get the chance to enjoy them! Just in time for our Independence Day, I was asked to collaborate with some of Minnesota’s lovely vendors for a 4th of July inspired stylized shoot! We were lucky enough to have both Wedding Chicks and Minnesota Bride publish the shoot on their blogs! Special thank you to our crew!
Photography: Photogen Inc. Styling and Desserts: The Bliss Life Flowers: Munster Rose Linens: Linen Effects Veil, Jewelery, Accessories and Dress: Che Bella Food: CRAVE Catering Hair and Makeup: Julie Swenson Beauty Invitation Design: KAD DesignsSee all of the awesome photos & ideas to inspire on the Wedding Chicks blog, here!

Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 1.28.20 PM.jpg

And check out the Minnesota Bride blog post here!

Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 1.28.46 PM.jpg

Have a very happy holiday!


Angela & Phil: Engaged!

I’m a total sucker for a good love story and I love the mystery as to how people’s lives lead them to each other – it always seems to random, yet perfectly calculated! Angela and Phil met each other later in life, after they had both had families of their own and it is so obvious how truly happy they are together and to be together at this point in their lives. Their families are coming together and Phil & Angela have a deep love and respect for each other that comes with maturity and total understanding in a relationship.
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The couple’s wedding will be taking place this fall in Minneapolis! Stay tuned for more from this lovely couple!


Mr. and Mrs. Trevor!!

This wedding holds a special place in my heart, because the bride, Emily, and I go way back. Our first memory of each other was in about 6th grade in swim club and even though we knew each other well in high school, we were never really close until after graduation. Emily and I have been thru some real life together. You know, those for-real-life-or-death-moments, we've been thru those! I am so grateful for these moments, because it's allowed us to have a very deep,honest, real and unique friendship that I haven't experienced with anyone else in my life. Emily has also been one of my biggest supporters of everything in my life over the years and it's been so much fun to see how each of us has grown to realize our dreams over the years!Emily is one of those girls who has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. She knew exactly how she wanted all of the details to come together and this was a true DIY wedding! Emily, her friends and family had regular craft-days leading up to the wedding, sewing the table cloths, making gift bags, and even hand-writing all of the signage and place settings! The wedding took place at The Round Barn in Red Wing, which was a lovely location and Thistle Floral Design created some amazing flowers for the event! Emily also collaborated with local designer, Luci Kandler to make custom bridesmaid dresses that were perfect for the occasion! Emily's sense of style shined thru in every detail - from her amazing necklace to her red lips, this wedding was truly all Emily.My favorite part of Emily and Matt's day was their ceremony. They both wrote their own vows, and they ended up sharing their first date story. It was so obvious to me, just how perfect these two were for each other, because they had both fallen in love...literally the moment they meant each other. Matt is the perfect match for Emily and I'm so so so happy for them!

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Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Trevor! I am SO happy that my team and I could document this day for you!


Featured // Style Me Pretty Online Magazine!

One of our favorite wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty, has come out with an AMAZING online wedding magazine! It’s honestly SO well done and I am thrilled to say that Alyson & Jesse’s wedding has been chosen as one of just 1o real-weddings featured in this issue! Their wedding has made an impact on the wedding industry in so many ways, and I’m so happy that it’s continuing to inspire others!

I also have to mention just how very important it is, as photographers, to take care of our vendors! This feature was actually submitted by our florist, Jackie from Munster Rose and a large part of that is because we shared these images with all of our vendors! I absolutely love to collaborate with a creative team on the day of a wedding – and by creative team, I mean the florist, event designer, event planner, dress designer, menswear, and other creatives the couple might hire! One of the best parts of my job is to document and create these beautiful pictures, based upon an entire team’s collective efforts in making it look so beautiful! Sometimes I feel like photographers can get a little defensive and protective over their images, instead of sharing the love. There is so much opportunity to help and inspire the creative team around us, our local markets and elevate the work that is coming out of our industry in general! Not to mention, vendors appreciate having professional images of their work SO much! It simply benefits everyone around us!

Share the love. It goes a long way!

Check out the full online editorial, by Style Me Pretty, here! It’s full of inspiration and lovely details!


Mr. and Mrs. Stoa!!

You know, I preach all-day-long about how photographers put too many images in their blog posts many times and that they really need to narrow down their edits to the best-of-the-best. However, when it came to creating this post for Clare and Ryan’s wedding, I found myself stuck at 200 images. 200! Needless to say, I narrowed that down a bit, but this is seriously one of my largest blog posts ever! In the past, with a big post, I’ve also split them into Part 1 and Part 2, but I felt that there needed to be one, fluid post, to tell this couple’s story best! I’ve gotten to know Clare and Ryan pretty well over the past year, and honestly, one of the greatest tools to connect with them has been over Instagram! I LOVE it when my clients use Instagram, because I can connect with them visually and see what inspires them thru their eyes! One thing that was mentioned over and over throughout the day and during the speeches was how amazing Clare’s sense of style is. It is impeccable. I remember the first time I met the bride-to-be and her shoes rocked my world…I knew we were bound to be a perfect fit! Clare’s fabulous taste was seen in every little detail of their day. From the location, to the vendors she chose and even down to the art-installations she made on her own – everything was simply gorgeous!Above all of the beautiful style, Clare and Ryan are a beautiful couple who are both genuinely amazing people! On the day of their wedding, it was hot, then it was cold. It poured rain and then the sun would come out. Even though the weather was incredibly unpredictable, none of that mattered to Clare and Ryan, because this day was really all about the two of them! Everything about this wedding was magical, enjoy!


Venue: The Enchanted Barn

Getting Ready Venue: Stouts Island Lodge

Event Design + Planning: Laura Mullen Event Design

Flowers: Munster Rose

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Congratulations to Clare and Ryan!


Mr. and Mrs. Schack!

Alex and Brian are two of my favorite people. I first met them 3 years ago when I photographed Kristi and Herb’s wedding, who is the bride’s brother! I fell in love with the Tousely family and felt incredibly honored that they invited me back to document their day.

Getting to know Alex and Brian better over the last year has been an absolute joy. I learned two things about this couple that will stick with me. 1) Being persistent pays off. The couple actually met all the way back in the 5th grade and have pretty much been together that entire time. Of course, as we grow up through our teenage and college years, we all learn a lot about ourselves, but Brian and Alex grew to know that they were absolutely meant to be together. 2) Brian has pure adoration for Alex and it makes me SO happy to see the way he looks at her and to see how consistently excited he is to spend time with her. Alex and Brian are an incredibly endearing couple who’s love definitely inspires those around them!

The wedding took place high above the city of Minneapolis at the WINDOWS on Minnesota! It was a gorgeous day and absolutely everyone looked stunning! One of the highlights of the night was during the father-of-the-bride speech! We all learned that the exact day was the bride’s parent’s wedding anniversary of 30+ years! There was plenty of reason to celebrate and one of our favorite live bands, the Dan Ristrom Band, gave an amazing performance for everyone!!

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Congratulations to Alex and Brian! Thank you for welcoming us back to document, yet another, grand occasion for your families!


Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs!

Patrick and Maggie are an awesome couple. They have a very unconventional kind of love and I absolutely love this! The two met, at what might be considered the 'old fashioned way' a bar! Old Chicago, to be exact! When I first met with this couple, I knew they were the perfect fit for me for three very specific reasons. 1) They're total foodies and so am I! 2) They love to travel..get ready...they are currently in Bora Bora on their honeymoon! and 3) The bride wanted to wear black.

Maggie loves black and her color wedding colors revolved around deep reds and purples, which added the perfect touch of drama to her day! The couple were married at the International Market Square in Minneapolis and had an A-List of vendors working on their event! Sarah Trotter of Lasting Impressions Weddings brought it all together and did a fantastic job! I was most impressed with their florist, who was Le Petite Fleur. Carra incorporated barbed wire in the table arrangements and even wrapped the bouquets in black leather, which was the perfect touch for Maggie and Patrick!
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Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs! We are SO happy for you!


Mr. and Mrs. Petty!

Fair warning blog readers – this is a long post! Clayton and Lydia had an incredible wedding this past weekend, and their day also holds an incredible story. The wedding took place at a private property in Byron, Minnesota and by the time we arrived to begin shooting, the weather had taken a turn for the worst. The sky was literally black and a slew of hail was flying down from the sky. Of course, everyone was on pins-and-needles, watching the radars and hoping that the torrential rains would stop – after all, Clayton and Lydia had planned for an outdoor wedding. One thing I loved about the couple was that despite all of the rain and mud, they were still game to go outside, even if that meant getting rained on or standing in high winds! Nothing was going to ruin their wedding day.

Everything went on as planned, even though there was still a threat of rain, but by the time all of the guests were seated and Lydia was walking down the aisle, the clouds literally parted and the sun was shining. It was a little bit of a miracle, considering the weather that morning!

I have a bit of a personal investment in this couple. I grew up with Clayton and we were friends at very influential parts of our young lives. It’s been amazing to get to know Lydia and them as a couple. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have chosen a better person for him. They have a great sense of humor together and beyond that, there is a level of deep respect, love and pride for one another. I was very honored to be chosen as their wedding photographer and to have the opportunity to document such a big day in my ole’ friends life! It was also great to see so many faces at their wedding that I hadn’t seen in over a decade! (Crazy – I know!)

At the end of the day, the outdoor wedding was brilliant, the ambiance in the barn was absolutely perfect and Clayton and Lydia were married!

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Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Petty! I am thrilled for you two and am so excited for everything your future holds!


Mr. and Mrs. Grossman!

Katie and David’s wedding marked the official start of the 2012 season for all of us here at Photogen Inc! It feels SO great to get back to photographing weddings again and selfishly, I love to see my team on a weekly basis again! Katie and David’s wedding was a beautiful occasion that took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. The rain held off on us and we had a gorgeous day for photographs! Their ceremony took place at the Church of the Assumption in downtown St. Paul and their reception was at the historic St. Paul College Club on the oh-so-beautiful Summit Avenue. Special thanks to all of the ladies over at Camrose Hills for the gorgeous arrangements as well!

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Congratulations to Katie and David on tying the knot! We are SO happy for you!


A Spring Boudoir

I absolutely looooove doing boudoir photography sessions and this year, I have several on the books that I'm super excited about! These sessions are meant to be soft, sexy, gorgeous and simply beautiful! My subject for this shoot was so much fun - I loved her energy and playfulness, along with one amazing tattoo! For this boudoir photography session, Amber Brenke lent her skills for the hair and makeup and I would also love to thank Lisa of Flora Bella for creating such a beautiful arrangement!

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Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Our wedding season officially kicks off this Saturday, so the weekly blogs will be back!


Anna & Yomi // Expecting! Brooklyn, NYC.

Anna and Yomi are two of my favorite people. Ever since I met them, I fell in love a little bit. I’ve had the great pleasure of really getting to know these two, since photographing their engagement sessionand I am thrilled to learn that they are expecting a boy!!!I was in NYC this pas week and had the opportunity to photograph Anna and Yomi, on Mothers Day! It felt very appropriate to document a new little family when everyone around us was celebrating their mothers! static_uri=%2Fdarkroom%2Fmt%2Fmt%2Dstatic%2F&data=%2Fdarkroom%2Fblog%2Fblogshow%2F4fb54b4f7b4ec%2Fimage%2Etable%2Edat&slideshow=0&ssr=1&autofit=0&show_width=976&show_height=651
Congratulations to Anna and Yomi! Thank you so much for continuing to ask me to document your life – it’s so beautiful!LOVEe

Thank you Liz!

For the past three years, we have been SO lucky to have the wonderful Liz be our studio manager! She came to us as a young college student, ready to take on the world and now she is! As of today, Liz is officially going on her own as a freelance photo editorand I could not be more thrilled for her! Over the years, her primary focus for us here in the studio was to help me edit our work. She’s helped me edit everything from weddings to some seriously tricky commercial gigs; however, she has done SO much for us behind-the-scenes. Even though her title was technically ‘Studio Manager’, she really could also have these titles:The-Other-Side-of-Eliesa’s-BrainEliesa’s-Hair-Stylist Designer Album-Maker Eliesa’s-Schedule-Maker Behind-The-Scenes-Photo-Taker Chef Friend Magician Sanity-Keeper Personal Assistant Clothe-Dresser The-Most-Efficient-Person-You-Will-Ever-Meet-In-Your-LifeA comment we would hear over the years from our friends was “I need a Liz in my life.”I’m SO incredibly proud to see Liz taking a big leap and pursuing editing on her own! Her talents and work ethic are beyond fantastic and I’m happy that other clients of hers will now be able to ‘Have a Liz’.Have no fear, though! Liz will still be, very much so, a part of our team! Liz will continue to be our editor and will also be managing our album design as well!

Photographers – if you are interested in outsourcing your editing, either for weddings or the commercial side of things, I highly encourage this lady! Make sure to check out her website! To Liz,

Thank you for all that you have done for both myself, the Photogen Inc. and Rivets and Roses clients and our team as our studio manager! You have given so much and have, very much so, helped shape everything our companies are today! We are all better people for having you in our lives! Thank you for all of your hard work, loyalty and dedication you’ve given us! We can’t wait to see where the future takes you and we are so happy to be a part of it!



For all of you who have met Liz, please take the time to send her some love and encouragement on this awesome adventure she’s beginning! Also, make sure to check out her new website!


Under Construction!

We have some very big, fun and exciting changes happening around the studio!One of the major changes we are making is updating the Photogen Inc. Website – and let me tell you, it is going to be AMAZING!With the new site, we will be integrating much more for our clients and photographers, including: Vendor Guides & Links LOVEe Consult info & site ELEVATE Workshop info & site Instagram Feed – so you can see all of our shenanigans! Updated Portfolios A SUPER fun new blog!

We’re totally switching up the look to make it a little more clean as well. I am SO excited about this change and I can not wait to launch! We have made some giant strides in the past couple of weeks, yet we still have lots of work to do. Along with the website change, we are also switching servers at this time, so that means that whenever we are working on our new site, our current sites, online galleries and e-mail will be down.

If you ever see our ‘under construction’ page, simply know that we are working on things and we appreciate your patience!

Of course, it’s never ideal to have my e-mail down, so we are trying to work on this late at night or at low-traffic times. If our site is down and you need to e-mail me, please send mail to:

You are more than welcome to check out our facebook page and twitter account to stay up-to-date on all of the happenings!

Our goal is to get this all up and running in the next few weeks! I’ve posted a little sneak peek of the blog, so far! SO many more cool things to come!


ELEVATE Workshop // Fall 2012 // NYC

It's time again to announce the next ELEVATE Workshop! We are still in the planning stages of the next event, and we wanted to get some feedback from you! If you are interested in attending ELEVATE, we would love you to take a moment to fill out the survey below! This would greatly help us get a hold on the number of attendees interested, dates that are best of everyone and the content that you are interested in learning!In the coming weeks, we will officially have the website up with more information about ELEVATE // NYC! Elevate2012.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson // A Wedding in Atlanta, Part 2!

Erin and Maleah have style. In Part 1 of their feature, I talked about how there were two things I absolutely love about this couple. The first was that they are best friends and a real-life-dream-team thru and thru. The second thing I love about this couple is their sense of style. If they are throwing a party, no detail goes unnoticed and they believe in creating an experience for their guests! Erin and Maleah’s wedding was gorgeous, hands down, enough said. They flew in some of the best vendors around to collaborate and bring together their vision. From the gorgeous, light ceremony to their dramatic reception room, the vendors really worked hard to transform the space and create a magical world for each and every person. Maleah also surprised her new husband with a surprise groom’s lounge, complete with top-shelf liquor and Cuban cigars! I felt incredibly honored to be able to document such a lavish occasion; however, I wanted to make sure and equally document all of the honest moments throughout their day as well. At the end of the night, all Jeffrey and I could do was high-five each other, the entire day was a great success! I want to take a moment to give some credit to the amazing vendors who brought their talent to this wedding:Photographer: Eliesa Johnson of Photogen Inc.Second Photographer: Jeffrey Lawler of JNP Studios Brides Dress: Monique Lhuillier Shoes: Jimmy Choo Menswear: Mens Warehouse Hair: Dena Gibson, Independent Venue: The Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta, GA Coordination: Fete Perfection Florist: Tulip Bakery: Buckhead Bakehouse Catering: Affairs to Remember Decor Draping: Event Drapery Inc. Lighting: Production People Furniture: Something Borrowed Vintage Cigar Roller: Cigartainment DJ: DJ Triple M 1961 Bentley: Wedding Trans

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Congratulations to Erin, Maleah and little Lennox on getting married! We are SO happy for you! If you missed Part 1, make sure to check it out here!


Mr. and Mrs. Henderson // A Wedding in Atlanta, Part 1!

The first time I met Erin and Maleah, I was photographing their maternity session and I absolutely fell in love with this couple. Fast forward 1 year and we're all together again to celebrate another milestone in life, their wedding! There are two things I love and admire about Erin and Maleah, and since this is post 1-of-2, I will focus on the first.They are best friends. For real. During their ceremony, the couple spoke their vows and nothing was written down. Those words came right from the heart and it was beautiful. I remember Erin saying," Baby, you believe in me when no one else does - when I don't even believe in myself. But there you are."Right after their ceremony, I had some alone-time with the couple and Maleah said, " You know, Erin doesn't need a 'wife' per-say, but he needs a best friend and that is what I am to him. I have his back and I believe in him."There's something so special about the way these two view their relationship. They are a team, thru and thru and now they're a family! The love they have for little Lennox, their family and friends is one of the most genuine I have seen.

Their wedding took place at the gorgeous Biltmore in Atlanta, Georgia and it was absolutely stunning! The weather was perfect, our couple was gorgeous and we were surrounded by the best people! Not to mention, my friend Jeffrey of JNP Studios was able to fly in to second shoot with me, so we were having a blast! These photos are from the first half of the day, and there are even more amazing details and photos to come!

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Make sure to check it out Part 2!


Society 6 // Store is Live!

Hello friends!

I wanted to share with you a little project we have been working on over here at the studio! I have a pretty solid shelf of images from my personal work, and for some reason all they were doing was sitting on my hard drives! So, with the help of our crew, we put together an official store on Society 6!

If you haven't heard about Society 6 yet, I highly recommend checking out their website! Basically, it is a fantastic resource for photographers, designers and artists to get their work in front of the public for purchase. From Society 6, you can browse around and see a whole bunch of work from some amazing artists. You can then purchase products of our work from their site!

In my store, you will be able to purchase prints, canvas, laptop skins, iphone cases and the occasional t-shirt :-o  Make sure to check out the store to see if there is anything you love!

I will be updating the store on a regular basis with fresh work as well!