Engagement Photography

Kate and Kyle // Engaged!

parranblog0001 parranblog0002 parranblog0003 parranblog0004 parranblog0005 parranblog0006 parranblog0007 parranblog0008 parranblog0009 parranblog0010 parranblog0011 parranblog0012 parranblog0013 parranblog0014 parranblog0015 parranblog0016 parranblog0017 parranblog0018 parranblog0019 Congratulations to Kate and Kyle on their engagement! Spring is finally here and it was so great to get outside! We chose to adventure out on the back paths of Minnehaha Falls and along the creek for their session. These two will be getting married in the fall and I can't wait for their big day!



Amanda and Derek // Engaged!

They didn't think it would work. Both Amanda and Derek were up to the challenge to prove to their friends that online dating was bogus. You see, that is how each of these individuals met. They were both betting their odds that, you know, all of the cheesy commercials you see for e harmony don't really work in real life. That's what they thought. However, it's a good thing that there wasn't actually any money on the table, because they both would have lost it all. As it turns out, finding one another thru the crazy world of the internet actually does work - and it worked perfectly for Derek and Amanda. These two absolutely adore one another and they are also just SO excited to be with each other. They are the perfect match and if I could place my bets, I would put down all of my money that these two are going to last a lifetime. kuchenbeckerblog0001 kuchenbeckerblog0002 kuchenbeckerblog0003 kuchenbeckerblog0004 kuchenbeckerblog0005 kuchenbeckerblog0006 kuchenbeckerblog0007 kuchenbeckerblog0008 kuchenbeckerblog0009 kuchenbeckerblog0010 kuchenbeckerblog0011 kuchenbeckerblog0012 kuchenbeckerblog0013 kuchenbeckerblog0014 kuchenbeckerblog0015 kuchenbeckerblog0016 kuchenbeckerblog0017 kuchenbeckerblog0018

Congratulations to Derek and Amanda on their engagement! I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!


Laura and Nick // Engaged!

Laura and Nick grew up together and really met at the young age of thirteen! They officially started dating in high school and have been together ever since. One of the things that I noticed was how thoughtful these two are with one another, especially for a couple who has already known each other for their lifetime. One of the best gifts that Nick has ever given Laura is their dog, Emma. Emma is a gorgeous Golden Retriever who came along for part of their engagement session and she is a HOOT! Just full of personality and, might I add, a big fan of the snow. Both Laura and Nick light up when they are all together and as a dog lover myself, this warms my heart. St. Paul was our location of choice for their session, since this is the place they call home. And can we mention just how good looking these two are? They make such a classically, gorgeous, couple! McGuireEngBlog0001 McGuireEngBlog0002 McGuireEngBlog0003 McGuireEngBlog0004 McGuireEngBlog0005 McGuireEngBlog0006 McGuireEngBlog0007 McGuireEngBlog0008 McGuireEngBlog0009 McGuireEngBlog0010 McGuireEngBlog0011 McGuireEngBlog0012 McGuireEngBlog0013 McGuireEngBlog0014 McGuireEngBlog0015 McGuireEngBlog0016

Congratulations to Laura and Nick on their engagement! We know your wedding will be absolutely stunning!


Brett and Kate // Engaged!

Brett and Kate have known each other since the 6th grade. It wasn't until highschool that their romance began, but I would like to think that these two are life-long-sweethearts. One of my favorite things about this couple is their love for rap music. We put on a little Jay Z during their session and Kate said, "I mean, we're like the original Jay Z and Beyonce!" LOVE that. These two will be making it official this spring and I just can't wait!  

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Congratulations to Kate and Brett on their engagement! In the words of Jay "...Remind yourself. Nobody's built like you, you design yourself..."


Danielle and Matt // Engaged!

Danielle and Matt are college sweethearts who have a unique story. Even though they met in their college years, they actually had a long distance relationship through most of it! Matt went to school down in Florida, while Danielle studied here in Minneapolis. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and years later these two are ready to get hitched! For their engagement session, we went back to the University of Minnesota campus, which is where many of their memories began! blumblog0001 blumblog0002 blumblog0003 blumblog0004 blumblog0005 blumblog0006 blumblog0007 blumblog0008 blumblog0009 blumblog0010 blumblog0011 blumblog0012 blumblog0013 blumblog0014

Congratulations to Matt and Danielle! It's been so great to get to know you and I look forward to the big day!


Jill and Charlie // Engaged!

Jill and Charlie are a couple who are filled with a positive energy that is contagious. When you are around these two, you can't help but smile and laugh, which I absolutely adore. Between their awesome personalities, the fact that they are dog lovers and our instant photog/client connection, Jill and Charlie were a couple who booked with me on the spot. As an artist, it is always great when clients connect with your work, which is exactly my experience with these two. Trust is a great foundation to any relationship, but it's actually more important with your wedding photographer than you would expect! For their engagement session, we went to Theodore Wirth Park. The fall colors were still pretty strong and we simply went out, explored and had a ton of fun! StarkeBlog0001 StarkeBlog0002 StarkeBlog0003 StarkeBlog0004 StarkeBlog0005 StarkeBlog0006 StarkeBlog0007 StarkeBlog0008 StarkeBlog0009 StarkeBlog0010 StarkeBlog0011 StarkeBlog0012 StarkeBlog0013 StarkeBlog0014

Congratulations to Jill and Charlie on their engagement! I SO look forward to bring there on the big day!


Andy and Allie // Engaged!!

This couple means the world to me. The groom-to-be, Andy, and I grew up together. We rode same bus all through grade school and we lived on the opposite edge of town, which meant that those bus rides allowed for some quality-friendship-building and annoying one another over the years! Without a doubt, Andy is one of my favorite people from childhood and when he first introduced me to his soon-to-be-wife, Allie, I knew she was someone special. I had never seen Andy light up around anyone like he did when he looked at her and she clearly adored my friend, as well. These two are totally perfect for each other. First, they really have the friendship thing down and their relationship is built on a really solid foundation. They are also both band teachers, so that is just adorable in it's own right. I've gotten to know both Andy and Allie over the last two years, as a couple, and they have really grown together, which is really great to see from a friends perspective. For their engagement session, we traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, which is where the two began their relationship while Allie finished up college. We went to many of their favorite spots around the city and even made a special trip to the New Glarus brewery!


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Congratulations to Andy and Allie on their engagement! I'm so happy to get to be a part of this time in your lives!


Lauren and Robbie // Engaged!

Every once in a while, a couple calls me to simply photograph their engagements. Lauren and Robbie will be getting married in their home state of Indiana, but wanted a photographer to document their lives here in Minneapolis. These two met while interning for Target after college and started things off with a great friendship. As time went on, their romance blossomed and the two are now getting hitched next year! For their engagement session, we went to some of their favorite places in the city - and caught some absolutely amazing light! LaurenRobbieBlog0001 LaurenRobbieBlog0002 LaurenRobbieBlog0003 LaurenRobbieBlog0004 LaurenRobbieBlog0005 LaurenRobbieBlog0006 LaurenRobbieBlog0007 LaurenRobbieBlog0008 LaurenRobbieBlog0009 LaurenRobbieBlog0010 LaurenRobbieBlog0011 LaurenRobbieBlog0012 LaurenRobbieBlog0013 LaurenRobbieBlog0014 LaurenRobbieBlog0015 LaurenRobbieBlog0016 LaurenRobbieBlog0017

Congratulations to Lauren and Robbie on their engagement! Thanks for letting me be a part of your story!


Haley and Taylor // Engaged!

Haley and Taylor are one of those couples who when they stepped into my office, I was instantly in love with them. A little secret (well, ok, not so secret anymore...) about me is that I love country music. Yes, I am Jay Z's number one fan, but there is nothing like rolling down the windows, letting your hair blow in the wind and singing country music! What does this have to do with Haley and Taylor? Well, these two actually met at a country music festival! These things are usually filled with music, beer and partying and the last thing you think is going to happen is to meet the love-of-your-life. However, for Haley and Taylor, they have been together ever since and I am beyond thrilled to be photographing their upcoming wedding! For their engagement session, we went to some hot spots in Minneapolis and wrapped their session with some of the most gorgeous light!

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Congratulations to Haley and Taylor on their engagement!


Laura and Brian // Engaged!

Laura and Brian are my clients this year that win the award for living-the-furthest-away. This couple currently lives in China, so all of our correspondence has been via Skype. They are getting married this weekend and despite their busy schedules, we found time to fit in a few beers and an engagement session! Laura and Brian are a totally chill couple who greatly enjoy simply hanging out with one another. It was SO great to meet these two - even if it is only a few days before the BIG day. Forsytheblog0001 Forsytheblog0002 Forsytheblog0003 Forsytheblog0004 Forsytheblog0005 Forsytheblog0006 Forsytheblog0007 Forsytheblog0008 Forsytheblog0009 Forsytheblog0010

Congratulations to Laura and Brian on their engagement! We are SO excited for your wedding this weekend!


Bailey and Logan // A Washington D.C. Engagement!

Bailey and Logan are one of those couples who when you meet them, they inspire you. As a couple, they are ambitious, adventurous and madly in love with each other. The two met thru a mutual friend, just as Logan was making the move to Washington D.C. As they were first connecting via phone calls and e-mails, Bailey was bragging about her spontaneous side and Logan made her rise to the challenge by inviting her to have dinner with him that weekend...in D.C. Just as Bailey thought he was joking, a plane ticket showed up in her inbox and she accepted the challenge. Their first date lasted 48 hours and so for their engagement session, we visited many of the areas around Washington D.C. that had significant meaning to them. I had so much fun getting to know this couple. Their energy and chemistry are totally infectious and you just can't help but laugh and smile when you're around them! baileyblog0001 baileyblog0002 baileyblog0003 baileyblog0004 baileyblog0005 baileyblog0006 baileyblog0007 baileyblog0008 baileyblog0009 baileyblog0010 baileyblog0011 baileyblog0012 baileyblog0013 baileyblog0014 baileyblog0015 baileyblog0016 baileyblog0017 baileyblog0018 baileyblog0019 baileyblog0020 baileyblog0021 baileyblog0022 baileyblog0023 baileyblog0024 baileyblog0025 baileyblog0026 baileyblog0027 baileyblog0028 baileyblog0029 baileyblog0030 baileyblog0031Congratulations to Bailey and Logan on your engagement! We are SO looking forward to being a part of the big day!



Laura and Fotis // Engaged!

Laura and Fotis are totally my people. They love food (in fact, I'm pretty sure we ate our way through their engagement session), they like to live life in the fast lane and to top it all off, they are such a caring and hospitable couple. Both Laura and Fotis are surgeons and Fotis has been out in Seattle for his fellowship. Laura often travels across the country to spend time with her groom-to-be, so we thought it was only fitting to document this time in their lives in the city that they most love. Seattle is one of my favorite places in the county. It has so much to offer and we had absolutely amazing weather for their engagement weekend. It was so great to get to know Laura and Fotis so much more and we simply hung out in the city and experienced the beauty together!  

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Congratulations to Laura and Fotis! I am SO looking forward to your wedding this fall!



Warren and Lisa // Engaged!

One day, I opened my e-mail with a letter from a man named Warren. He told me the story about him and his future wife, Lisa. It's a true love story, really, and one so inspiring I just HAD to photograph their wedding. Warren and Lisa first met in the 4th grade, knew one another all throughout their lives and even went to prom together! (If you don't believe me, see the photo below!) When it came time to go to college, the two went their separate ways - Lisa stayed in Minnesota and Warren went to the great state of Illinois. They went on to live separate, happy lives and then in November of 2011, Lisa decided it was time to join Facebook. She said to me, "What's the first thing you do when you get on Facebook? You look up your old boyfriends!" Warren and Lisa reconnected and started dating shortly thereafter and in March of 2012, Warren popped the question. I've only known these two for a very short time, but they are PERFECT together. I love their story and I am SO excited for their upcoming wedding. Untitled-1 0001 00220032 0030 0034

Sonja and Brad // Engaged!

I first met Sonja years ago, on a beach, at her brother's wedding. I have since photographed many of her family's events, including her other sister's wedding! It's been fantastic to be invited back to document some of life's biggest moments for the Carlyon family, so when Sonja and Brad asked me to photograph their wedding, I was obviously thrilled. For their engagement session, the couple wanted to incorporate three of their favorite things - their love for Italian food, their love for coffee and the love-of-their-life, their dog Hank. We started the day off at the Loring Pasta Bar and continued into the North Loop Neighborhood for some charming backdrops and a little cold press. CarlyonBlog0001 CarlyonBlog0002 CarlyonBlog0003 CarlyonBlog0004 CarlyonBlog0005 CarlyonBlog0006 CarlyonBlog0007 CarlyonBlog0008 CarlyonBlog0009 CarlyonBlog0010 CarlyonBlog0011 CarlyonBlog0012 CarlyonBlog0013 CarlyonBlog0014

Congratulations to Sonja and Brad! I am SO excited to be with you and your family on the big day!


Abby and Eric // Engaged!

Abby and Eric are fantastic. They are such an easy-going, happy, light-hearted couple who have basically been together since the day they met. And can you guess how they met? None other than the marching band! Both Abby and Eric were part of the band at the University of Minnesota and who would have thought that this is where they would find love? (Have I mentioned that I LOVE to hear stories of how couples meet? Every story is incredibly unique...) I asked the couple, what was is about one another that you fell in love with? Their answer was simple, "It's just been so easy - and so fun." 0008  0012 0015 0017 0026 0030 0032 0034 0038 0041 0043 0049 0054 0057

Congratulations to Abby and Eric on their engagement! The couple is getting married in just a couple of weeks, so we'll be seeing more of them on the blog, soon!



Molly and Patrick // Engaged!

Molly and Patrick's story is out of a romantic-holiday-chick-flick. You know, the perfect love story that also involves holiday cheer, mistletoe, your family and a glass of bubbly? That pretty much describes these two! Molly and Patrick first met thru mutual friends and then 6 months later, while on Christmas break, they ran into one another again and there was an instant connection. Four years later, Molly woke up one morning to their dog, Kirby, with a note tied around his collar. There was a trail of flowers, followed by notes, leading downstairs to Patrick. Together, as their little family, Molly said Yes and for their engagement session, we felt there was no better place to begin this day, rather than their home. Molly and Patrick have an amazing home! It's bright, open and incredibly charming and welcoming. I'm also a sucker for books, so to see that Molly had Vogue Brides and Design Sponge on her coffee table, made me incredibly happy! We really do have the best clients! After a fresh snow, winter is a magical time here in Minnesota and it was absolutely the perfect time of year for Molly and Patrick's story.

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Congratulations to Molly and Patrick on your engagement! We're so excited to continue the winter tradition with your wedding this year!


Tamara and Russell // Engaged!

I first met Tamara on a beach. We were in the whitest girls in the entire Caribbean, which meant that we instantly bonded over constantly needing to lather ourselves in SPF. We were both on the island of La Isla Mujeres for her brother's wedding, which I was shooting alongside Brandon Werth! Brandon and I had SO much fun with this family and after all of the festivities were done, Tamara and I stayed in touch! We became great friends - we share an equal love for celebrity trash, white wine and the latest trends. But more importantly, we share a love for good style and good taste! Tamara has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and fans over the years, so when she asked me to photograph her wedding to her longtime-love, Russell, of course I said yes! I met Russell for the first time during their engagement session and I absolutely love these two together! They seriously have so much fun and are simply a perfect fit! The couple will officially be getting hitched on 12-12-12 this year; however, you'll see lots of this bride on the blog before then! This weekend, I am heading to San Francisco with Tamara and her bridesmaids for a photo shoot and I couldn't be more excited! We are bound to have a blast in a beautiful location..and not to mention, tons of shenanigans! But, more on that next week...

For their engagement session, Russell and Tamara went back to the place where they had their first date, the Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis. The two actually hadn't been back since that date, years ago, so we simply sat, reminisced and had a couple of drinks!

Congratulations to Tamara and Russell on their engagement! Can't wait for the big day!


Kaylan and Matt // Engaged!

Kaylan and Matt are a couple who surround themselves with amazing people. They are always out and about - at a new restaurant, catching a show or grabbing a drink at their favorite brew pub! When it comes to their wedding, ever vendor they have involved so far is some how connected to them, which I think adds a great personal touch to their event! When I first met with Kaylan and Matt, we had a great consultation and I loved everything about the couple and their wedding. However, it wasn't until the end of the meeting that we realized that Kaylan and I were from the same home town! Beyond that, we knew a bunch of different people here in the cities and our circles just meshed perfectly! For their engagement session, we went to some of their favorite spots in the Twin Cities, including Indeed Brewing, I Like You and Bin Wine Bar!  


Congratulations to Kaylan and Matt on their engagement! We're excited to celebrate with you on the big day!